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Survival Spanish 101
From a great book Last Flight Out by Randy Wayne White, here are some spanish phrases that I remember could have come in quite handy in my travels as well:

Everything was working fine 
         when I left Miami... 
    Todo funcionaba bien cuando
    me sali de Miami.

How much do you charge?
    Cuanto cobra?

  Let us negotiate a price
        you take our luggage...
Negociamos el precio ANTES de que
    de que me las maletas.

Did I say American? I meant
Dije Americano? Queria decir

My friend is drunk and I am lost.
    Mi Amigo esta borracho y estoy

My friend is lost and I am drunk.
Mi amigo esta perido y estoy

The local women do WHAT to 
         cause fermentation?! 
Las mujeres aqui hacen QUE
    para causar la fermentacion?! 

My companion is out of money and
        estrogen. Hide your gun!
    Mi companera acabo plata Y el
    estrogeno. Esconder su carabina!

  Don't shoot!
We are only musicians!
    No disarpar! Somo estrellas de 
     ( Actually the last one would 
       have been handier in french...)
      More notes from work...       

Had call from a passenger regarding the flight to her cruise. The flight originted in Detroit with a lay-over in Chicago. She needed to know how it was possible that her flight left Detroit at 9:30am and got into Chicago at 9:34am. I explained that Michigan was an hour ahead of Illinois, but she couldn't understand the concept of time zones.  I finally told her the plane just went really, really fast. Such is my typical caller.

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